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Rapid-Response Support

Computer, program or device issues often slow down or even stop productivity. When one of your employees has a question or needs assistance, Premier One is there with a rapid-response when they call or log a ticket.

  • No recordings or answering services
  • Talk to real, local IT experts
  • We’ll connect with your employees directly if an issue arises

When you call the help desk, you can be assured you will talk with one of our experts. Not a recording, not an answering service overseas, a real IT specialist who works to understand your issue and stay on the line to help you get it fixed.


Premier One’s remote access tool allows our technicians, with permission, to control your employee’s computer to quickly diagnose and fix the issue.


Premier One has support packages that are right for your business IT needs.

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Already a Premier One Client and need to log a help ticket?

24/7 Computer & Server Monitoring

We are monitoring your systems around the clock.


With Premier One's remote monitoring solution, you can proactively prevent network and workstation IT issues and never have to worry about costly downtime from failure.


How It Works

1 Monitoring software is installed on all your workstations and servers.

2 Software detects any unnatural condition and triggers a notification.

3 Notification is sent to our Network Operations Center (NOC).

4 NOC generates a ticket and notifies our technicians who investigate the issue.

5 Premier One notifies you of the issue immediately and the actions being taken to solve it.

6 If needed, Premier One technicians request permission to utilize the remote login tool to virtually see what is on your employee’s screen when they have an issue.

7 Premier One technicians can then quickly fix issues.


Get your systems under our 24-hour monitoring plan.

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Computer Maintenance

Get back on track quickly and eliminate potential security threats and software errors with remote maintenance.


How we approach the maintenance process:

  • Monitoring systems are set up on all of your workstations and servers.
  • We can then catalog important information such as
    • OS type
    • Software license information
    • Anti-virus information
    • Internal specifications of the machines
    • User information
  • Notification of needed updates are sent to the NOC.
  • Premier One schedules updates to be delivered at a time that doesn't create downtime

Computer maintenance together with 24/7 monitoring and rapid-response support provide the security coverage and quick repair time your business needs.

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“Matt saved me! I am so pleased with all of the help that every single one of your team members provides. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”


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